Delaware Dryer Vents    

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                                                     Cleaning Prices  


$125.00  - dryer vent cleaning (Within a 30 mile radius) 

$150.00  - dryer vent cleaning (Past our 30 mile radius)

$85.00    - Service Fee (Service fee will be waved only if we take care of your dryer vent cleaning or installation) 

$100.00 - Inspection Fee

$200.00  - Lint Alert System (Pro Plus) includes installation

$60.00   - Metal wall vent

$60.00   - Bird Cage Cover


New installations (estimates only)

Senior Citizen Discount: 10%  off (60 & Older)

Military Discount: 10% off (must show I.D.)

Like Us on Facebook: 10% off

note: discounts can not be combined and after 6 referrals the program restarts


Average cleaning time?

Normally it takes about an hour to complete a cleaning service as long as we don't run into any problems.

How often to clean?

Your manufacture  recommends that it be cleaned and or inspected once a year.

Will cleaning my dryer help save on electric?

You can expect to save $18-$24 per month once cleaned

Does your technician have to come inside to clean my dryer vent?

Yes. Although we can perform most of the work outside we always pull out the dryers to clean behind them and to make sure all connections are proper.