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Services of Delaware Dryer Vents

Dryer Vent Cleaning:

Our cleaning is done from both inside and out. We first pull out your dryer to access the vent. We then hook a vacuum up to a "Y" and then we run a brush through your vent removing any lint build up.

New Installation:

7 out 10 dryer vents are installed improperly.

We don't use the white vinyl or flex foil. They only dry rot and sag which put you at a greater risk of having a fire. We only install solid metal pipe and metal flex where its needed.

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Range Hood Vent Installation & Island Hood Installation:

We install Hood Vent & Island Hood Vent's. We will do the complete installation from start to finish. Cooking produces grease, moisture, heat and smoke - all of which take a toll on your cabinets and walls. Installing a range hood will remove unwelcome odors and improve kitchen ventilation.

Range Hood Vent

Gift Certificates Available

Gift Certificates available upon request.

If you don't know what to get that certain someone purchase a gift certificate from us. You can redeem any desired amount and the certificate can be used towards a dryer vent cleaning, rerouting of vent or a new installation. Certificates do expire a year from the purchased date.

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